Love Metal update! Ch 3 pg 21-22

Chapter 3 pg 21AndAChapter 3 pg 22And Dante though Karin was the stalker!

Next update:  January 31st


“Sunset Buskers” New illustration!

Sunset Buskers
Well this was fun :) a lot more colorful than what I’m used to xD

Ever since I did the “Boys at the Pool” illustration, (which was originally made as an anime convention promo) I decided I’m going to make brand new illustrations for every convention I attend this year.
This one is for both Sac Anime and Anime Impulse, first two conventions of the year, and both in California.
Originally I was gonna have them perform on Hollywood Boulevard, but there were too many city details to cover and not enough time, so I settled for Huntington Beach (even though it’s no where near Sacramento or Pomona…oh well).

The water and sky are of course stock images that I edited with photoshop.
Character art/amp/guitar case/bridge railing: Copic markers.
Everything else: Adobe CS6

New pages for Love Metal are going up later today! So look out for those 😉


Yes, I’m well aware this update was short, but I’m much happier with the quality of this one than the last, because I was able to take my time on it and enjoy the process. On that note, updates are going back to every 3 weeks again. I really tried to do them every week, but that turned out to be a huge train wreck. Plus, I’m going back to college next year and starting another part time job (gotta save up for my convention tour), so I need to pace myself better.
Thanks for understanding! 🙂

Chapter 3 update! Pages 10-12

chapter 3 pg 10chapter 3 pg 11chapter 3 pg 12

Oh my God, cars!! So many cars, and this isn’t the end of it!
Much like guitars, they’re fun to draw when you get the hang of it, but still a major pain in the ass.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to get this update finished as soon as I wanted, and I’m probably gonna end up redrawing page 12 when I have spare time. I don’t know, I wasn’t in a very good place when I worked on that particular page, and it really shows.
Oh well, hopefully the next update will come out better.