Over the past few months, this site’s subscriber count has grown at a faster rate than I was expecting. So I want to say, thank you, and welcome to all the new members!
 New pages will be up sometime this weekend. To everyone who’s been waiting for since the beginning of April, I’m sorry for such a long delay. I originally stopped because I needed the break, and I planned to pick things back up after classes ended, but then I had to jump right into conventions. Also, I was working on new pages during the later part of April, but I ended up cutting that scene to move the plot forward (wasn’t really a scene, but more of a montage?) so that’s another reason why things were delayed, but now things are back on track, more or less.
Here’s a few previews of what to expect this weekend.
And oh yes, it’s a concert scene🤘

See you this weekend!


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