Love Metal Ch4 pg 57-65

Chapter 4 pg 57Chapter 4 pg 58Chapter 4 pg 59Chapter 4 pg 60Chapter 4 pg 61Chapter 4 pg 62Chapter 4 pg 63Chapter 4 pg 64Chapter 4 pg 65


And that’s the end of chapter 4! (Please don’t hate me)
So Chapter 5 will start on June 25th.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to work on Love Metal for most of April (trying to graduate from college and all that fun) so I can’t really get to work on the script until May at the latest. If you’d like to keep up with where I am in the creation process, I’m mostly active on Twitter (@HeartandVoice) and for a full behind-the-scenes look, you can support me on Patreon.
As always, thanks for reading so far, and I hope you’ll stick around for what comes next!

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