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Love Metal Chapter 3 book cover

Chapter 3 print coverChapter 3 cover


Work & life update


Sorry for the random absence these last few weeks.
There were supposed to be new Love Metal pages last Thursday, but a few things came up. A school trip to Chicago I forgot about, school work, and some unexpected mental health breaks.  It got to a pretty dark point for a while. In those cases, its better to just focus on feeling better and not to push myself too much.
I’ve been back in working mode for about a week. So I’m feeling much better, and more or less back to my old self at this point (yay~).
New Love Metal pages will be done soon, along with my remaining commissions~
Thanks for your patience everyone!


Chapter 4 pg 29-32

ch4 pg 29ch4 pg 30ch4 pg 31ch4 pg 32

John, you heartwarming badass.
Has Karin finally found her people? Will Chad ever find a single girl that can tolerate him? Find out next time, whenever the hell I update Love Metal (*cough* every other Thursday).

You’re probably wondering about the title of this update. I decided to end chapter 3 just before the 2 month time skip (when Karin&Dante decide to go out for real) and start chapter 4 at the concert scene. From a writing standpoint, and financially (for book printing) it just made more sense. So we’re in chapter 4 now! Yaay! I’ll also have to draw a new chapter cover for chapter 3 since the band technically doesn’t show up then lol.

Love Metal Ch3 pg 59-61

chapter 3 pg 59chapter 3 pg 60chapter 3 pg 61

Guess David’s not on board with the ship? 😛

Sorry for the super late update! I was preoccupied with a side project for Love Metal, and then I had 2 conventions back to back, haha ^^; Speaking of, if you stopped by my table at Sac Anime or Staple, thank you so much! It really meant a lot. 🙂