Chater 3 pg 35-37

chapter 3 pg 35chapter 3 pg 36chapter 3 pg 37

You probably think this is the end of chapter 3. Nope, it’s actually the half way point ;P

So, I’m going to give myself a short break for two reasons.
1. This is the best stopping point in the chapter.
2. I just need some time off in general, at least a week or so without feeling like I need to get something done asap.


New pages! Ch 3 pg 33-34

chapter 3 pg 33chapter 3 pg 34

Sorry for the short update. Like I said before, March was going to be a busy month for me (and boy was it). The new pages are already drawn up, they just need to be inked, which I will do over the weekend while I’m at AWESOME CON! Anyone going to that?
I’ll be there.
At a table.
Selling Love Metal and Love Metal accessories.


Hey readers! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!
Readers: “A new Love Metal update?”
They’re available now for pre-order at The Merch Booth, along with 2 NEW BUNDLES!
shirt models
The sizes will range from Small to 4XL.
If you don’t want a shirt, but you like the design, that’s also available as a 12×18 poster!

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know in the comments!

New pages! Chapter 3 pg 28-32

chapter 3 pg 28chapter 3 pg 29chapter 3 pg 30chapter 3 pg 31chapter 3 pg 32


So…is that a yes?

Whooo boy, they sure know how to get hot and heavy *fans self*


I haven’t set a day for the next update yet, because this is going to be a pretty crazy month for my personal life. Just expect an update before the 29th, because that’s the day before Awesome Con, and I’d like to have new pages uploaded before then.

Ever wonder what my artwork looks like before digital effects are added?

There’s a reason why I call my artwork “mixed media”. Nowadays, at least 40% of my colored work is digital. My character art is always traditional (copic markers), but even that’s digitally altered sometimes. I don’t always have the markers I need for the color scheme I want. So I’ll change around the color balance on photoshop when I need to.