Chapter 4 pg 29-32

ch4 pg 29ch4 pg 30ch4 pg 31ch4 pg 32

John, you heartwarming badass.
Has Karin finally found her people? Will Chad ever find a single girl that can tolerate him? Find out next time, whenever the hell I update Love Metal (*cough* every other Thursday).

You’re probably wondering about the title of this update. I decided to end chapter 3 just before the 2 month time skip (when Karin&Dante decide to go out for real) and start chapter 4 at the concert scene. From a writing standpoint, and financially (for book printing) it just made more sense. So we’re in chapter 4 now! Yaay! I’ll also have to draw a new chapter cover for chapter 3 since the band technically doesn’t show up then lol.

Love Metal Ch3 pg 59-61

chapter 3 pg 59chapter 3 pg 60chapter 3 pg 61

Guess David’s not on board with the ship? 😛

Sorry for the super late update! I was preoccupied with a side project for Love Metal, and then I had 2 conventions back to back, haha ^^; Speaking of, if you stopped by my table at Sac Anime or Staple, thank you so much! It really meant a lot. 🙂

Love Metal update! Ch 3 pg 50-51

chapter 3 pg 50chapter 3 pg 51

Sorry for the short (and late) update. Tokyo in Tulsa left me a lot more exhausted than I thought it would. But hey, these don’t look half bad for pages that I pulled out of my ass in 2 days.

I’m not going to put a specific date for the next update right now (just expect it in a few weeks). I want to figure out some scheduling stuff on my end and work on being more consistent and less sporadic with my updates.

Dirty Diamonds Comic Anthology (Kickstarter is now LIVE)

The Dirty Diamonds comic anthology I’m in just launched their Kickstarter!

The theme for this issue is “Being” “What does it mean to exist? What makes you who you are? If you had the chance to do it all over again, would you?”

I strongly encourage you to check this out, tell your friends, and pledge if you can! Even a pledge as low as $13 will get you a full digital PDF of the book.

I’m so happy to get to be included in this project, and to be among so many talented artists with such unique styles.

If you would like to support us and this project, please consider pledging to the campaign and spread the word.